8 acres of gardens and outdoor spaces


the swimming pools

The main swimming pool for all our guests. In the picture you can also see apartment Cottage, the 1BR apartment facing the pool, perfect for a couple or for a family with small kids


Villa dei Limoni’s Garden and its private pool. This swimming pool and the garden are for the exclusive use of the guests of this apartment or for everybody in case a large group rents all the property’s units

The pool for the kids. This swimming pool because of its depth and size is the right spot for all kids and it is located in an area which is accessible by all the guests


The courtyard

The main courtyard is the center of most activities. It is where most of the apartments have their own outdoor space suitable for the meals of our guests. The courtyard is also often used alongside the wine cellar for weddings, events and group dinners.


The wine cellar

Once the center of wine production, the wine cellar is now the perfect location for aperitifs, wine tasting dinners and parties. The wine cellar is also interconnected to the outdoor dining room of the Villa that can host up to 55 guests. These 2 venues are used especially during spring and autumn when the weather might not be clement


outdoor dining room

It is a pity to spend summer days indoor. Our guests love staying in the Limonaia, the room where lemon trees are placed during winter is now the perfect location for breakfasts, meals or a glass of wine by the pool. Our guests can also use this venue for events and weddings along with the private garden and the wine cellar. This room can host dinners with up to 55 seated guests, buffets and parties with djs and bands


Clay Tennis Court

The clay court may be used by all our guests. We offer rackets and tennis balls for free to those who have not brought their own with them. Enjoy an early-morning tennis match immersed in nature.


A look into the past and one into the present

Olive Grove

We take good care of our olive trees. Every year in November we pay respect to the old tradition of Oil Making and the small production is destined to our family, friends and guests of Villa Castelletto.

The Vineyard

Unlike in the past , when the vineyard was used for the production of red and white wine, nowadays we exclusively focus on Vinsanto as a hobby, the famous dessert wine typical of our territory.